About Pendulum

At Pendulum Motion, we offer Information Technology Services, Business Process Outsourcing Solutions, Consultancy Services and Customer Service & Support, along with other mainstream services. Our highly competent industry expertise and well cultivated offshore liaison(s) allow us to remain committed to providing maximum value, high quality and low cost Business Processing and IT services to our prospective clients.

We have teams of dedicated and experienced e-business consultants, application developers, e-marketers, web promoters, graphic designers, experts in their own skills and respective fields. Our expertise in various industry-related technologies helps us cater to our clients on business strategies from initial strategy development right through to building and maintaining a successful and effective solution. Going the extra mile for our clients is the norm at Pendulum Motion.

We provide a full range of Outsourcing Services, IT Services and Solutions to businesses and industry leaders, both large and small. We offer the best solutions across every department in your organization. Our Business Process Outsourcing portfolio includes end-to-end solutions. We have it all in our portfolio, served in a customer friendly and customized manner. With a world class infrastructure, Pendulum Motion is well equipped to deliver a 24/7 support-system round the year.

Our Consultancy Services are highly detailed, covering a wide range of Industries and Business Sectors, ultimately enabling us to help you develop your company’s infrastructure and work plans with the highest amount of accuracy and best results!

Having dealt with Clients at multiple levels of business fluency, we have amassed a multi-faceted and exhaustive experience database and expertise. Our rich experience and expertise allows us to produce the best solutions package for each individual client, helping to streamline their core business interests as well as allow for one of the best Customer Server experiences.